The More To Life Weekend is a powerful learning experience which reveals the hidden creative potential in every life situation. It teaches you a new way of seeing and a new way of being that allows you to get more out of your life in every way.

There is a creative energy at the heart of life which flows through us when we are open to it. The course teaches highly effective and simple practices that will help you do this in your life every day, so you bring your best self forward, create more of what matters to you, and contribute more to the people who matter to you.


“There really is more to my life
today as a result of this course.
I am more at peace with myself,
more in touch with what I want,
more excited about creating it.”
MTLW participant

The More To Life Weekend does not try to “motivate” you to try harder, or achieve more. Instead it shows you how to free yourself from habits of thinking that get in the way of your ability to respond to life.

You may already be aware of patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs about yourself and others which may be stopping you from being all you can be. They have been at work in you since childhood, to the point where they seem to be part of you.

“For me this was about handling stress, and the key is that we don’t have to get driven to get results.
I saw that my best results happen
when I trust my own creativity,
and that of my partners.”
MTLW participant

The course works by helping you understand and challenge these beliefs and correct them according to what your adult self knows to be true. The result is a deeper self-awareness and the clarity to make choices that reflect your real wants and goals.

The techniques involved are simple, and always under your control. And once mastered, they can be applied in every situation and any encounter, from your family life to the workplace.

What you learn is summarized on a set of free CDs for you to keep and use, and practice groups are available to help you deepen your skills over time. The tools of this course will continue to deliver profound benefits for as long as you choose to apply them. You will be able to:

  • clarify your decision-making and stay true to yourself in everyday life
  • make creative choices in situations where the options seem limited
  • practice self-forgiveness and resolve conflicts in your relationships
  • connect with your deeper purposes, and express them through what you do
  • keep generating new possibilities for yourself and others



Life today is full of pressure, with less and less time for personal connection. This course is structured to give you time: time to connect with yourself, time to reflect on the way your life has developed, and time to listen and learn from others.

Part of the weekend is spent just listening to the life experience of other participants. With 
expert guidance from two uniquely committed and qualified course leaders, you learn from  one another’s stories and apply their learnings to your own personal circumstances.

“I realized we all have the same basic issues and a lot of the same negative beliefs about ourselves – but also the same capacity for forgiveness and love. I feel more hope for the world, and more compassion for everyone.”
MTLW participant

Another part is devoted to practicing the tools and skills of the course – you do this at your own pace, with help from members of the Support Team if you want this.

Finally you will also have time to develop new intentions and purposes for your life, with concrete tools to support you in achieving your personal goals.

Participants say that the shifts of perspective they experience during this weekend course continue to serve them in every significant aspiration they pursue.  It will deliver a new vision for your life that will enrich your sense of purpose, transform your personal effectiveness, and generate a new and lasting sense of inner happiness and peace.

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